Cyloop, Hoodiny Entertainment

Cyloop Social Music

Working for Hoodiny Entertainment, we repositioned El Hood (the latin Myspace) to become an international, cross genre, mobile activated music handling, ecommerce and social networking platform powering several regional MSN Music sites.


Hot Import Nights

Mobile Engagement

Galvanized an international community of 18-40 year old sport auto and modeling enthusiasts and extended the reach and frequency of the Hot Import Nights and HINCity brands through e-commerce and mobile social networks, mobile gamification and interactive events.

Hot Import Nights / HINCity

More Partners and Projects

Mobilestorm:  Developed the first Cloud based and HIPAA compliant, cross-channel, mobile communication platform (link).

Semantic Content Engine:  Our proprietary targeted content and ad sales platform enabling media companies to launch and monetize hyperconetnt on their editorial pages (link).

Colony Logic:  Developed CLX platform targeting enterprise media companies with a SaaS based and mobile optimized, CPQ and Digital Fulfillment platform (link).

Canadians Abroad:  Developed a mobile enabled social network and event management platform in order to allow Canadians residing in Southern California to connect, communicate and keep abreast of goings on locally and back in Canada (link).