Semantic Content Engine

The Webifacts' Semantic Engine powers the integrated display of editorially controlled, trusted and contextually driven content displayed through media publisher websites and mobile applications.  It's a game changing business model and revenue stream for our third party content providers allowing them to extend beyond their existing paid access and licensing models into broad stream distribution and distributed revenue.  Media publishers generate new targeted display ad revenues with at no cost while enhancing their content from informational to educational.  It's what we like to call a Win-Win-Win-Win program!

Educate while growing revenues

Webifacts developed proprietary automated technology that extracts information, semantically analyzes the content, assigns and compares context, categorizes, and automatically links the content to Webifact articles in our database.

In short, we power a world of encyclopedic content to explain, educate and extend the content you provide.  No longer does your audience have to leave your website to learn more about the cities, countries, people, concepts your editorial takes for granted.  Users learn in-line as they read.

Moreover, you drive new revenue through our targeted ad serving and revenue share programs.  You sell or we sell.  Both models are available and the bottom line is you get to monetize all this increased traffic and page view content with no upfront licensing or development costs.

Get in the game today!

Join partners like the Los Angeles Times, Evening Post Publishing Newspaper Group, Encyclopedia Britannica, Columbia University Press and Historica Dominion (Canadian Encyclopedia) and learn more about what Webifacts can do for you.

Sample Webifacts Image Gallery Page.  Note integrated Related Content Links and multiple data sources driving a 360 degree perspective on the topics as well as higher engagement.

Our context engine dynamically identifies relationships between your news stories and the terms that users are interested in.  Unlike keyword driven connections, this algorithm based connection is far more accurate.